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Wealth is not only created by investing your savings but also by limiting the loss of money due to a lack of experience, time, knowledge and proper financial advice. Save yourself valuable time by allowing the team at Delfin to share with you our experience, knowledge and approach to understandable and transparent financial advice.



Title Date Filesize
2nd Quarter 20202020-05-312MB
1st Quarter 20202020-02-29446KB
4th Quarter 20192019-11-30377KB
3rd Quarter 20192019-08-31423KB
2nd Quarter 20192019-05-311MB
4th Quarter 20182018-11-30966KB
3rd Quarter 20182018-08-31973KB
2nd Quarter 20182018-05-31218KB
1st Quarter 20182018-02-28137KB
4th Quarter 20172017-11-30531KB
3rd Quarter 20172017-08-311MB
2nd Quarter 20172017-05-31860KB
1st Quarter 20172017-02-28881KB
4th Quarter 20162016-11-30864KB
3rd Quarter 20162016-08-31683KB
2nd Quarter 20162016-05-31585KB
1st Quarter 20162016-02-29784KB
4th Quarter 20152015-11-30137KB
3rd Quarter 20152015-08-31573KB
2nd Quarter 20152015-05-31585KB
1st Quarter 20152015-02-28678KB
4th Quarter 20142014-11-30679KB
3rd Quarter 20142014-08-31177KB
2nd Quarter 20142014-05-31433KB
1st Quarter 20142014-02-28177KB
4th Quarter 20132013-11-30180KB
3rd Quarter 20132013-08-31175KB
2nd Quarter 20132013-05-31177KB
1st Quarter 20132013-02-28198KB
4th Quarter 20122012-11-30172KB
3rd Quarter 20122012-08-31407KB
2nd Quarter 20122012-05-31502KB
1st Quarter 20122012-02-29388KB
4th Quarter 20112011-11-30404KB
3rd Quarter 20112011-08-31398KB
2nd Quarter 20112011-05-3183KB
1st Quarter 20112011-02-2884KB


Title Date Filesize
2de Kwartaal 20202020-05-312MB
1st Kwartaal 20202020-02-29443KB
4de Kwartaal 20192019-11-30376KB
3de Kwartaal 20192019-08-31421KB
2de Kwartaal 20192019-05-311MB
4de Kwartaal 20182018-11-301MB
3de Kwartaal 20182018-08-31984KB
2de Kwartaal 20182018-05-31221KB
1st Kwartaal 20182018-02-28137KB
4de Kwartaal 20172017-11-30528KB
3de Kwartaal 20172017-08-311MB
2de Kwartaal 20172017-05-311012KB
1ste Kwartaal 20172017-02-28893KB
4de Kwartaal 20162016-11-301014KB
3de Kwartaal 20162016-08-31691KB
2de Kwartaal 20162016-05-31668KB
1ste Kwartaal 20162016-02-29587KB
4de Kwartaal 20152015-11-30139KB
3de Kwartaal 20152015-08-31661KB
2de Kwartaal 20152015-05-31593KB
1ste Kwartaal 20152015-02-28679KB
4de Kwartaal 20142014-11-30679KB
3de Kwartaal 20142014-08-31177KB
2de Kwartaal 20142014-05-31432KB
1ste Kwartaal 20142014-02-28177KB
4de Kwartaal 20132013-11-30181KB
3de Kwartaal 20132013-08-31175KB
2de Kwartaal 20132013-05-31176KB
1ste Kwartaal 20132013-02-28154KB
4de Kwartaal 20122012-11-30172KB
3de Kwartaal 20122012-08-31156KB
2de Kwartaal 20122012-05-31251KB
1ste Kwartaal 20122012-02-29140KB
4de Kwartaal 20112011-11-30152KB
3de Kwartaal 20112011-08-31402KB
2de Kwartaal 20112011-05-3184KB
1ste Kwartaal 20112011-02-2883KB