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Your wealth in good company

Wealth is not only created by investing your savings but also by limiting the loss of money due to a lack of experience, time, knowledge and proper financial advice. Save yourself valuable time by allowing the team at Delfin to share with you our experience, knowledge and approach to understandable and transparent financial advice.

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection refers to your need to protect yourself, your family and your assets against the effect of loss caused by events that we deal with and are exposed to on a daily basis.

Some of these are events come into our lives unplanned, but in certain instances they allow us time to plan and adjust.

We have to protect:

  • Our assets against damage or loss
  • Ourselves as Individuals through insuring against a number of unforeseen events, for example death and disability or severe illness
  • Our future earnings ability. We spend considerable time and money on our education and gaining experience and yet sometimes fail to recognise the value of protecting this investment 
  • Against large medical expenses. In our country the cost of services have soared in the past 10-15 years
  • Our assets for our heirs and dependants through proper estate planning and tools such as Wills and Trusts.

Delfin together with our Fiduciary Services partners will assist you in planning your estate. Without a Will it could become a long and time consuming process before your dependants are in a position to benefit from the provisions that you have made for them.

From assessing our client’s risk portfolios over the years it has become clear that either they are over or under insured, confirming that often they have been sold products or benefits without planning or doing a proper needs analysis.

At Delfin we recognise the fact that:

  • Each person has his own personal view on risk
  • An individual’s priorities change over time
  • We not only have to establish our clients' needs but have to advise and prioritise them according to the particular lifecycle stage in a person's life
  • We participate in the process of identifying, quantifying and addressing your needs and the necessity of doing regular reviews.